Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Eyes have it

Ty is home and sleeping in his own bed again. He tried to throw-up for the first time today - on this chemo round. We are scheduled for a CT scan on July 13 to see how the tumor is responding (to me it looks smaller, I'll measure it tomorrow).

So yes - his eyebrows are growing back.

and maybe even his hair - just a little.

When we were at the hospital, his hair turned from blond to brownish...
strange, eh?

Here's another picture of Ty before chemo. I wish you could tell how great his hair was. I know some women who'd kill for hair like his, or at least pay the big bucks.

Please forgive the red-eyes (I promise to upgrade the camera, really I do)

Our first cuttings from the sensory garden. The lavendar is in full bloom and buzzing with honey-bees. I have another vase of cut lavendar and my kitchen is smelling wonderful!

It's so good to be home!

(Just as a plea for help, can anyone tell me how to resize my pics so they just fill the screen when you click on them - you know, rather than becoming ginormous? Thanks)


sippinghotchocolate said...

you have beautiful children. the flowers look WONDERFUL too. i use to love cutting flowers from my own garden (back when we lived in sydney). now i have to nick them from the town gardens.

wish i could help you with the resizing. my first blog was with blogspot, but i've forgotten how to resize pics.

ps. listening to the word verification is hard! my kids would like it though. they would think it was some kind of detective game. :)

sippinghotchocolate said...

hey it worked! i didn't do too bad on listening to the word verification!

Our Peculiar Life said...

So glad you all are home!! (sorry I missed your IM AGAIN! I really am on this thing. ;-)

So sorry he wasn't feeling good, hope he feels better today. Can't wait to hear the good report on the tumor.

And my photos usually come out the right size just from my Kodak program, sorry!

Montserrat said...

What a beautiful bunch! I'm talking about the children first, then the flowers. :D

I have to resize my photos to 4x6 and lower the pixel ratio to 72 or 150 if I want the photos to be smaller. Some pics I leave large because I know relatives want to print them off.

Corrie said...

Thanks all - I think my kidlets are beautiful too.:)

I will have to try listening to the word verification.