Friday, June 1, 2007

Arbors and Guardians

The site of our last family "weed therapy" session

Here's a peek at our arbor in the middle of April

Here's the same arbor this morning (after a trim).

Introducing the new Guardians of the Shoes - courtesy of IKEA
This could've been my new habit, we rocked at this, no more pile of shoes in the laundry room!


sippinghotchocolate said...

the arbor is looking so lush! btw, do you grow flowers or vegetables (or both)?

i like the storage idea for your shoes.

Corrie said...

Well, I try to grow vegetables, but I mostly do flowers and herbs. We planted the grow boxes to be a sensory garden for Tyler.

We have cilantro, fennel, lamb's ear, lavender, yarrow, phlox, lilacs, wisteria, snapdragons, a tall sedum, a big yellow flower bush that looks like daisies, Mums, lace leaf maple, lilies - and we used to have mints but they took right over.

For veggies, I usually plant peas, cherry and regular tomatoes, and occasionally some zuccini.

My next door neighbor has a thumb ten shades of green. They grow a wonderful salsa garden, but all I can manage to keep growing are flowers - but not indoors, I end up killing all of those.

athena said...

i'm the same way with growing things indoors. any plant i attempt to grow indoors always die. maybe because i rely too much on mother nature's water rather than the one i get from my tap (in other words, i'm lazy). :)

adria said...

I'm jealous you've been to Ikea already. We desperately need some shoe storage also. Maybe I'll check out those guardians.