Sunday, May 20, 2007

The overnight bag rides again!

Just when I think we've settled into a nice routine (heh heh) we have another bump in the road.

Last night Tyler had a fever of 101.3. We kept in touch with the doctor and it was decided to keep watch on Ty unless his symptoms worsened. He finally improved around 3 am.

Today he was coasting at about 99 degrees. At 1 pm, he all of the sudden felt very hot and turned an interesting shade of red. His underarm temp was 102. Yikes!

We took him to the ER at PCMC where they drew new cultures, gave him a dump of IV fluid and a dose of Rocephin. When he arrived (an hour and a half after receiving a dose of Tylenol, his temp was still 102), but after the IV fluids he dropped to 100.2.

I made sure to come prepared to stay overnight - which if you haven't heard, is my insurance for being able to go home the same day. Ty perked up a bit and after a 4 1/2 hour stay, we came home. We are to watch him, give him Tylenol as needed, and call the Oncology clinic in the morning. Unless of course, his symptoms change. Which is a funny thing to say, because the thing we specialize in here is CHANGE.

A little pool update. According to Mr. Triumph, yesterday was Disaster Day. We had a fun family party and everything went great until the guests went home. The hot tub decided to act up and the jets kept surging on and off. We troubleshooted to no avail. The thing is busted. Just so you know, and this is my personal opinion, don't get one of those fancy hot tubs with the interchangeable jet packs. Unless of course you enjoy spending more time on the phone with the warranty department than you do actually using the hot tub.

Next, Susie had missed the family party all together and so we invited some of her friends over for a night swim in the pool. Again, lots of fun was had - minus working jets in the hot tub. We went to close up the pool, heard a funny noise, felt a jerk from the cover, and TA DA the rope had pulled out of the pool cover. In fairness, this is the year the fabric was due to be replaced anyway, but come on two backyard things in one day? And Ty's fever and port clotting up? (fixed with TPA) Oh yeah, and when we turned on our flashlight it immediately turned itself back off and refused to cooperate with us. We just had to come in and call it a day.

At least that was Saturday and it's over so Disaster Day is officially behind us now. You can have a Disaster Day too, all that's required are the following:

1. One or more major appliances or pieces of home equipment must break down.
2. It must be the weekend.
3. It must be just about twilight.
4. You must have no working alternative light sources.
5. You must have a sick child, in the wee hours of the morning.

That's it, all this fun can be yours. And you don't have to pay a thing - well, that is until Monday morning when the repair place opens for business.

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Adria said...

It's nice to see you've kept your sense of humor.