Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amazing People

I'd like to thank the Academy. ....

Sorry, wrong crowd. Forgive me for sounding like I'm gushing, but Wow! there are so many amazing people who make this easier to deal with, maybe not easier, but I feel more able to be there for Ty because of them. If I don't mention you specifically, please blame it on "hospital brain" and know that I couldn't do it without you.
My husband and the kids have been awesome through this experience. He stays with Ty at the hospital on weekends, has become the backup nurse (lots of IV meds experience), he has been the glue that holds it all together, and holy crap! he practically shaved his head to show support for Ty. I will definitely have to post before and after pics. Kids, I love you and miss you when I'm not there - if only I could be in two places at once.

I need to tell you about three wonderful women who help me: Terry (my mom), Mo (my aunt), and Wendy (my dear neighbor). They help with getting Ty ready, watching the girls so I can get some sleep, and being here when I have to be away with Ty. They cook, they tidy up, they do what needs doing, but most importantly, they love my kids and make it possible for me to do what I do. Thank you, I know my family is well-cared for and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Erin, who works with Tyler for his schooling. This has been a most interesting school year and not at all how we thought it would be. She has made it as great an experience as Ty could have, considering he spends most of his time laying down in bed. She does "school" with him even at the hospital. We love you, and so does Ty. There are several other people through school that have bent over backwards to help Ty: Principal, Susan (USDB), Jane (teacher), Corrine (vision), Starla (Speech), Jodi (PT), Nate (OT), Kaye and Justin (District). Thank you for making this hard year better.

Barb, another dear neighbor, has arranged so many meals to feed my family when I'm with Ty at the hospital. Wow, the few meals I've been able to sample have been delicious. I would love to get recipes from everyone. Thank you for coordinating everything.

Jake (Wendy's son), for bringing his guitar to the hospital and playing it for Tyler. I sat Ty on my lap and helped him to strum the guitar as Jake held it. Tyler kept reaching out to touch the strings and make them vibrate with his sound - again and again. It is the most fun and alert I have seen him be in the hospital. Thank you for brightening his hospital stay, and remember - none of that slow stuff, let's jam!

The neighbors who have donated their time, their cooking skills, and their disposable cookware. First, may I say "Yum!" - second, one year, my family may actually get to cook for you. We look forward to one day being on the giving end of dinner time. In the meantime, thank you so much for filling my family's tummies with warm, delicious food.

The anonymous people who made Christmas special for us this year. We had the "Twelve Days of Christmas", our stockings filled, a Secret Santa bearing gifts, and a Christmas Jar shared with us. Please know that this helped our children feel of your love and concern for them. Thank you, we are so touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness. We are so fortunate to know such lovely people.

The friends who call and check on us, the church family and extended family members who pray and fast for Tyler and our family, the many coworkers who show their support for Ty and the children who tell me they pray for him and ask how he is doing. They are the most precious people - my five-year old nephew told me I should just pray with Ty and ask Heavenly Father to please make him feel better and his fever will go away. Oh, to have so much faith.

Last, and certainly not least, the many doctors, nurses, staff and techs who have provided great, loving care for Tyler. There have been many and I wish I could remember all their names. We will miss seeing Lacey, she has moved to another floor, but we know there are many wonderful caregivers who love Tyler and have his best interests in mind. Thank you for remembering that even though he can't speak, he still needs to know what's going to happen next. Sharon, we'll see you next time - remember to wear your dancing shoes.

Two more - Apple. What would we do without his Ipod? Thank you for all the minutes we forget that Tyler is dealing with something very serious - because we are all laughing and dancing to his favorite music.
And commenters! Thank you for checking in and leaving your comments, they are much appreciated and make me feel all cheery and warm inside.
Thank you everyone!


athena said...

wow talk about counting our many blessings. i think i need to dedicate a post to counting my blessings and thanking a few people on the way too.

ps i have a brother called moana. did you know it was a maori name?

Corrie said...

Yes, she was born in New Zealand. My dad grew up there. Their dad is the GRB of the GRB Hall at the Church College.

We are hoping to attend the 50th anniversary of the temple and the college.

athena said...

holly molly!! what a small world! if you're going then i'm-a-going too!

what a small world!!