Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's that time of year again

Every year, the third weekend in September is a time Mr. O and look forward to meeting with parents of Deafblind children.

However, Ty started this past week off with a terrific head cold/cough and has stayed home. We are on Day 9 of his cough. Apparently it's contagious and now Spielberg, Mr. O and I are sick. We tried attending the conference and looked forward to dinner, great speakers, game night and conversation with parents, and a quiet hotel room.

However, by the end of the evening we both felt so cruddy we decided to come home and sleep (or try to sleep) in our own bed rather than risk infecting everyone. Good thing we did - we're both wasted, downing the Sudafed, and considering buying stock in Kleenex with Lotion.

I haven't run since Tuesday night. Wednesday I picked up my sister from the airport, Thursday I helped babysit another sister's kids, on Friday and Saturday I felt like death warmed over, and the prospects for tonight aren't looking much better. I am determined to run again before Tuesday.

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Jo said...

Just popping in from your other blog, which Sue sent. I am excited to meet you. You have a LOT handed to you, you are honest and yet have such grace and love. Your boy is beautiful.
Our boy struggles with seizures and his Vagal Nerve Stimulator has given some measure of control. Ask me about it if you want more info.