Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Probably Nothing...

but Ty's legs appear to be swelling. I'm not sure if he's just bulking up from the new formula or if it's fluid retention. I'm not used to seeing him so filled out.

My mothersense is tingling, so I'll probably take him in to the doctor this week.

He starts High School this week. I can hardly believe it, I have butterflies in my stomach for him. Since it's a new school, new teacher, and new intervener for him I'll be attending school for the first couple days with him to show everyone the ropes.

We go over how to communicate with him, feed and change him, how to reposition him no detail is overlooked, but still my heart skips a beat when I turn him over to the faculty. And then I go home and try to remember how to breathe.


Emma J said...

Hope it is nothing.

And that the breathing comes easy.

In. And out.

b. said...

I hope it is nothing too...maybe just Back to School nerves for him too.

I was thinking about Ty on my way to work this morning. And how I want to meet him. I must make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that breathing thing can be hard sometimes. Be brave, and enjoy the respite.

No harm in checking out the tingling sense, either, though. I hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.