Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run, do not walk

You must go here and read Lisa's post.

I wish I could print it out and carry it with me to have on hand. I'd wager that most parents of disabled children feel most of these things at some time or other. In case you've ever wondered what do I do, what do I say - read this post.


Emma J said...

I'm forwarding this post to my daughters to read.

In our local (reduced-budget) school there is frustration on many sides because much more money and resources go to Special Ed while regular acadmeic and especially college-prep-type classes are cut back, lose faculty, don't have textbooks to go around, lack lab equipment, etc.

I'm wondering about your take on this - as the mother of children on both sides of the question?

Emma J said...
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Emma J said...

oops! Sent that first comment twice, somehow.

Mrs. Organic said...

Here's the thing. SPecial Ed students receive their own funding and it's about 2.5 times the amount of a regular student. But I estimate they have 10x the need of man power and services.

I don't think adv. proggrams should be cut, but there are grants that can be applied to. Our 5th grade just got a major technology grant (very cool), but you've got a teacher who's willing to put in the effort. I don't beleive schools cut back in other areas to meet the needs of special needs students. I do think Spec.Ed makes a great scapegoat.

I'd check into how much of the budget is going into administration - that seems to be the biggest drain from what I can see.