Friday, October 31, 2008

We're home

I got a bit confused and

posted about the difficulites of only being one person here

and the craziness of transporting Ty home

at Positively Organic (my other blog). Sorry, I blame it on hospital brain/lack of sleep/lack of any kind of decent food.


Lisa M. said...

OH welcome home!

I hate doing all that stuff alone.

I'm so sorry.

Jeni said...

I came over here intending to give you a big thank you for stopping by my place and commenting. I ended up reading back in your blog to this past January. Incredible, the things you and your son have been through. Stop back any time and visit. And take care -of your family, your son and yourself as well. Trust me when I tell you this, I do try to steer clear here of anything that might present a hazard to me -like a trip or a fall! Don't need, don't want any more broken bones! Considering I haven't had one in 8 years now, I must be on the upswing, huh?