Monday, October 27, 2008

Better than expected, which is always a bonus!

Mr O and I awoke at 4:30 am today, and with my Aunt M's help got Ty off to the hospital at 5:20. I still felt like maybe we'd just be turning around again to come home (due to some unforseen something or other), but we arrived to standing room only in surgery check-in.

Fortunately, Ty had the same anesthetist that helped out when he had his baclofen pump removed (due to the tumor, which we thought was a hematoma, but wasn't - you can read more here) for his surgery today. She remembered him, and was very careful about his tape allergies - he is practically covered in Mefix and Tegaderm (the only two he hasn't reacted to so far).

The surgery went quicker than expected. Hardware was removed from the last hip repair and a Schanz Osteotomy performed on his left hip. That is the third procedure for this hip, hopefully, it's the charm! He also had to have his right femur shortened because it was already 4-5 inches longer than the left - with the osteotomy it would've been about 7-8 inches longer and that is not good for fitting in a wheelchair or going through doorways.

Our surgeon truly is one of the best I've had experience with. If you live in my area or anywhere within driving distance, I highly recommend him. He always talks to Ty as if he is a regular kid, and that is something that warms my heart.

Ty did not require any blood transfusions, his crit going into the procedure was about 42 and only ended up coming down to the low 30s (which is awesome). He did require some ground bone tissue at the surgery site to help him heal, but they were able to use the portion of his own bone that had been removed from his right leg. Normally, cadaver bone powder would be used.

Instead of putting him in a spica cast, he has a full-length wedge strapped between his legs to help keep them from going back into the old position he prefers. I have no idea how we will get him home.

Right now he is resting peacefully in ICU, perhaps a little too peacefully as his oxygen levels have dropped a couple of times to 80. He is still hooked up to various lines and beeping machines, as well as spiking a small fever. Hopefully he will be moved to the regular floor tomorrow.

Thanks all for your kind thoughts and prayers, things have gone so well.


Elizabeth-W said...

Such good news!!!
Hoping for the best through the night.

Kim N said...

I am glad to hear things went well. I hope recovers quickly and you can take him home soon.

Mrs. Organic said...

Home seems to be the place where everyone feels best

Nikki and Ray said...

Yeah Tyler! Hope your recovery is speedy, you are an amazing boy...