Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet

As promised: Chocolate Therapy

I like to work with imported Mercken's chocolate since it's so creamy, it costs about $8.10 per batch and I get 4 boxes per batch. It's a yummy splurge. We traditionally make them at Christmas time and for Valentine's Day.

You will need to gather the following:
jelly roll pan, wax paper (cut 4 inches longer than the pan), peppermint oil (not extract), 3 oven safe bowls with 10.5 ounces of chocolate in each one, spatula, sharp paring knife and a yard stick

Set the oven to the lowest setting (100 to 150 degrees) and place the bowls of chocolate inside to melt for about 20 minutes

Remove the first bowl and dab chocolate under each corner of the wax paper to secure it

Like so

Add 7 drops of peppermint oil to the melted chocolate

Then stir

Spoon chocolate onto waxed paper and working quickly, spread in an even layer

Remember, work quickly

As soon as you've spread it, grab each end of the pan and pound repeatedly on the counter top. (I have video of this if anyone wants to see it, it's the therapeutic part of the activity unless you count actually eating the chocolate, but its extremely noisy). This gets the little air bubbles out of the chocolate and smoothes out the layer. Let it set until it loses its shine, then repeat with the middle layer of chocolate. Add 7 drops of flavoring, stir, spoon it out on top of the first layer.

Quickly spread it out (notice in the right hand corner what happens if you push hard or work too slowly - the chocolate layers will blend) and pound, pound, pound!

Green layer has lost its shine and is ready for the final layer

Add 7 drops of peppermint oil and stir until smooth, pour over chocolate and spread smoothly and lightly with a spatula

Layer is spread and ready for pounding - go ahead, pound the tar right out of it.

All pounded out and almost ready for cutting

After marking your pan every 1 1/2 inches on the long sides and 1 3/8 inches along the short sides, use a T-square or yardstick to guide a sharp paring knife as you make your cuts. (You can begin cutting as soon as the chocolate loses its shine).

Admire your lovely straight lines, put on gloves and...

Package in cute little gift boxes

You can also use cookie cutters for a fun mint shape, but you might want to dip them in softened butter for an easier release.

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compulsive writer said...

You're my hero.

Really you are.

Cocoa said...

Mmm... looka almost as heavenly as the picture you posted in your last post!

Elizabeth-W said...


I like to spin the dish--that's a good way to get stuff to the corners :)

Scribbit said...

Looks delicious AND creative--and I know I have some bags of those around here somewhere . . .

Heffalump said...

Mmmmm...I have some bags of chocolates left over from my candy making class...I will have to try this out too!

Corrie said...

Thanks everyone, if you try them let me know how you like them.

Christine said...

Can't we figure out a way to dump those out of the pan and use a rotary cutter?

Corrie said...

chris - you're brilliant! I am going try that next time.

athena said...

mmmm, that looks so yummy. i really like the packaging too.

Corrie said...

athena - I thought you might

Am'n2deep said...

I've been out of the blogging loop for a couple of days. As a result I missed the mint chocolate therapy session. :(

I think I could say that a good chocolate mint is my favorite treat ever!

(I gotta get my butt over to b.'s!!------THANK YOU!!!!)

Corrie said...

am'n - welcome, hope things are alright.

Anonymous said...

looks yummy. It would be fun if the middle could be pink.

GoMommy said...

These look so good! I sometimes use Wilton chocolate, but it's not great. I would love to try this!

Calandria said...

My mouth is watering! That looks fun and therapeutic (sp?) as well as yummy.