Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things I forgot to bring this time around

1. The USB cord to my camera

2. Shower shoes - barefoot showers in any public place? nasty! Coping measure: handtowel on the floor of the shower. And while I'm talking about hospital bathrooms, whose brilliant idea was it not to put a second lock on the parent shower and to then face the toilet so your most vulnerable bits are facing the door? Why, a man of course! Had a woman designed that bathroom there would be shelves to place your belongings on within reach of the shower and a second curtain over the dressing area, something to sit on (of course you would put a towel on it), something besides flourescent lighting for putting on your make-up, there would even be working lights in the shower. And that toilet? It would be perpendicular to the door! These are not luxury spa accommodations, just common sense (but a spa/hospital - that would be something!) I'm pretty sure ICU is a money-maker for the hospital - why not take care of the consumer?

3. Blow dryer

4. Curling or flat iron -if I just step into a steamed up area, my hair makes an audible sproing! as it frizzes up and gives me a sort of halo effect.

5. Socks - how did I only bring 2 pair?

6. A different pair of shoes - I only brought my shootie-tootie boots and my feet are already feeling it. I do have a second pair in the back of the van, but it's 14 freezin' degrees out there.

7. Nail clippers

8. Cotton balls - total luxury item

9. My pillow - I brought it and it's still in the car, but it would require me to wear the boots, and did I mention it's pretty dang cold out there? I may have to hoof it out there and retrieve it, these hospital pillows are no match for my cloud of comfort which is like serenity in a pillowcase. I must fold up the tiny hospital-issue pillowette like a napkin and then it is like sleeping on a tic tac. Except without the minty flavor .

10. My razor - that one was on purpose, so technically I didn't forget it, I just left it.

11. Enough clothes. But it will relieve you to know that I did bring plenty of underwear (Chris). Good thing the nurses tend to change everyday so with any luck no one will notice that I am really rotating two sweaters.

12. My booklight

13. Umm, my coat. As a disclaimer, it was 4am when I got up to finish packing. And I may have had a few things on my mind.

What's the worst thing you've forgotten on a trip?


Summer said...


We left our diaper bag on the sidewalk before our Christmas trip home 5 years ago. We didn't realize it till we got situated in the airport.

They do not sell diapers in the airport.

We were directed from store to store for 30 minutes in the hope that somebody had some diapers somewhere.

There was one store that had a half bag of worse than generic diapers. They sold them to us for, $3 a piece!!! Horrible horrible thing to do in my opinion. Our flight was 5 hours, our baby was young. We bought three diapers for $9 freaking dollars.

Never forget the diaper bag if you're headed to the airport!

Am'n2deep said...

Yeah, no coat would definitely put a stop to me going out to the car for the pillow and the shoes.

I wish I could share a good story where I forgot something on a trip, but you have to first leave home for that. :)

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I'm so thinking of you!!!

And in a more serious time, I have to say that I laughed out loud reading your post, I'm sorry :(

I can totally empathize with your shower ebbie jeebies! I remember feeling SO frustrated in University with the design of the bathroom--they were co-ed ones at that! All it takes is ONE.SIMPLE.SHELF and hook within reach, folks!

Oh, and shower shoes--a MUST!!!!

Corrie said...

summer - diapers are a horrible thing to forget, but wipes are a close second. And um, that was total highway robbery - $3/diaper!

am'n - sometimes, you just have to make yourself get out. Even a day trip or overnighter to a friend's counts (also last night I was desperate enough to retrieve the shoes and pillow - heavenly!)

mtm - I have to say it really makes me appreciate my own bathroom at home. You can bet I'll be grabbing my shower shoes this weekend. (I cannot believe a co-ed college bathroom - it must have been gross).

Kenna said...

We forget the cell phone. We were on our way to a beach house in California and had our tier blow out in the carpool lane. It sounded like a train barreling down on us. I stuck my head out the window and tried to get all five lanes to let us over. when we made it to the shoulder we started searching for the phone. We both had thought the other had packed it. You would think no big deal except the fact that the beach house had no phone and no pay phone would let me call. We were suppose to wait until our friends called to meet up with us there but they finally showed up. it was a little crazy but it was nice on to have to listen to it ring.