Sunday, January 6, 2008

How the boy is doing

Mr. Triumph and I have been tag team parenting this weekend - he stayed with Ty, and I went home. My bed never feels so comfy as when I return from sleeping at the hospital. The only problem? Mr. Triumph wasn't next to me - I've grown very accustomed to his presence. It just doesn't feel right without him there, and it throws a big 'ol wrench into my sleep. I just have to read myself to sleep. I guess the only reason I can sleep at the hospital is because the bed is only 2 feet wide - it just wouldn't be right to squeeze him on there with me - I don't even think it's physically possible.

Ty did really well over the weekend. I can't believe how much the swelling in his face has gone down. His feet are still tight, fluid-filled - like over-ripe roma tomatoes. The othorpedic fellow removed his surgical dressing, and his scar, although long, looks mah-velous! His abdomen is still swollen and his bladder is on strike, but he is doing remarkably well. The fever has disappeared. Tomorrow, he is transferring to a different hospital and we expect him to be able to go him on Thursday or Friday.

Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes, they mean so much.


Am'n2deep said...

Oh good, I was just wondering how Ty was. So glad to hear a great report!

Soooo...transferring to a different hospital...does that mean b.'s place of work? I'm hoping so, 'cause I'm thinking that means lunch. You still up for it?

Corrie said...

am'n - nope, he's still going to be up here (SL way). In fact, he's only moving a few miles.

you are up late :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is doing well!

Elizabeth-W said...

Yea! for the good news!

Cocoa said...

Thank heavens! Glad to know he is recovering so well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is doing well! My prayers are with you!

kailani said...

I just go caught up in your family situation and I have to say that I really admire you. You are such a strong and courageous person. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Thanks for stopping by!

An Island Life

Corrie said...

Ty never ceases to amaze me!

Am'n2deep said...

Darn! Well the important thing is the good news about Ty. We'll plan for another time. Soon.

Yeah, you caught me cheating on my resolution to get more rest! :)