Friday, November 16, 2007

Organize the Paper stuff

I have recycled another organizing picture, but this time I want to tell you my system.

If you have anyone in your family that requires frequent medical care, then you know how time consuming it can be to keep track of it.

I keep a three inch binder and a 3 hole punch in the cupboard above the phone. As EOBs come in, I file them in the binder (by date of service) under the family member's name. I use those post-it flags and stagger them down the side, so I can easily flip to each person's section.

As the bills or the Statement of Services Received come in, I match them to the corresponding Explanation of Benefits. I always leave the actual medical bills in the front pocket and the dental bills in the back pocket until I have something to match them up with.

Also, there are several methods for paying off said bills, and ignoring them while hoping they'll go away isn't the best one for your credit score's health.

Ask the office or service provider what arrangements they can make with you. A lot of the time, there is a cash discount for paying in full. If that amount seems to be too much, most places will break it down into 3 monthly payments and will even auto charge your credit card so you don't have to remember to make the payment each time.

Some will only let you do the three payemtns thing if you pay half the balance and then 3 payments (which is really 4 payments).

If this post didn't make any sense at all to you, I either wrote it really poorly or you don't have anyone who requires frequent medical care in your family - and that is another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving season.

If I can clear things up a bit, please email me. I love this kind of detailed paper work. Really, I do. Maybe in my next life I can be an insurance adjuster - one who is actually nice to people when they call.

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Christy said...

This was a great post and just what I needed! My system is pretty much non-existent at the moment.

Corrie said...

I know what a headache it can be to catch these things up. Glad to help.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I haven't checked in for a few days but you've been busy organizing! My files are all perfectly organized. It's a shame that I don't use them. I prefer the big basket in the corner instead!