Monday, November 5, 2007

Goin Nuke-u-ler (as G Bush would say)

I'm talkin' about getting my RAI (radioactive iodine) scan dose today. This afternoon to be precise. My TSH is 30, so I will head down to the lab and swallow me a mini dose of the radioactive stuff, then wait 3 days and get my actual scan on late Friday afternoon.

I will know the results on Monday. That is also the day I get my final labs back to know if there are still cancer cells swimming around in my neck. Wish me some luck and say some extra prayers, because I really don't want to take the big nuke dose and be away from my family for a week or so.

I'm feeling pretty optimistic because I'm not experiencing any difficulty swallowing like I did last year. In fact, I couldn't turn my head to look over my right shoulder and still be able to speak. This year, I'm glad to say I can still referee the kids sitting in the back seat of the van. (if only my arms were a little longer).

I'm all set to party next Monday, (or possibly Tuesday) after I get the good news and can get off this low-iodine diet. Anyone want to join me in eating a celebratory Shrimp Salad from Bajio's?

To see what others are Talkin about this Tuesday check out the Lazy Organizer and did you know she is organizing something everyday and snapping a photo of it? Very inspirational. I even organized my yogurt to support her.


b. said...

Only the Best of Luck and Good Wishes for you!
(I'm working today)

MEEEEEEEEEE!! Call me. Bajio.

Me too on the organizing of the ain't right.

But seriously, good luck!

Jen said...

Good luck! A friend of mine went through this earlier this year. I hope you have as positive an outcome as he did.

Am'n2deep said...

God and I are on a break right now--except when I hear of someone else in need of blessings. I'll let go of my pride and pray for you. (smiles)

Oh, and did you say Bajios? I think it is time for us to meet!!!

Cocoa said...

Here's hoping all goes well and you can PIG OUT at Bajio's next Tuesday!

Corrie said...

Thanks all. I'm just wondering if it will taste the same without a Dr. P alongside it.

b- that's a song, isn't it? And I will be across the street from you at 1:30.

am'n - breaks from God aren't very fun, but the good news is that He'll be there when we're ready again.

Elizabeth-W said...

Oh goodness! I just saw this just now (tues at 1:30).
I wish I could run over there and eat with you and B :)
Prayers, those I can do.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I pray it goes well! You sure have your share of trials don't you? Have you read Man's Search for Meaning? I know you don't have a problem finding meaning in your life beause you are so positive but it sure opened my eyes on the principle of suffering.

Rebecca said...

I hope you get the test results you are hoping for. And yes, I think all of us moms need one of those nifty super hero suits like the Mrs. Incredible had. I haven't heard of Bojios but shrimp salad sounds tasty and I'm all about celebrating.

Corrie said...

ew - I wish you could too, but I'll take the prayers.

lazy o - thanks for the suggestion. I try to stay positive most of the time, but every once in awhile I need something to give me perspective. It's funny how our own suffering can make us myopic in regards to the suffering around us.

rebecca - thanks. If spandex could minimize my figure, I think it'd be worth stuffing myself into it. ;)

athena said...

i'll eat you some chocolate. how's that? (can't remember if you can eat chocolate). all the best for next week.