Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wash your car, wash your dog, get a rainstorm

It's just about guaranteed. I did not get pictures taken of Copper before she got as soggy as a bowl of cereal.

Other guarantees in life:

You will not have your baby on your due date unless the doctor has something to do with it

If you forget to pack it, realize it, and still do not turn around, go back and get it - you will need it. In fact, you will need it badly enough to visit Wal-meh at 3 in the A.M.

If you are running late, hoping to speed and make up time, you will find yourself stuck behind either the slow, law-abiding citizen or the Sheriff driving the speed limit on the freeway.

If you do not bring spare batteries, your camera will run out of juice at the critical moment.

If you think, "I could never do that thing" (ie, it's too hard) you will find out just what you are capable of and it's a whole lot more than you think.


Scribbit said...

That's funny because when I was pregnant with my first I figured my due date was the only date I was guaranteed for it not to occur on. Turns out I went into labor smack on the dot of midnight on my due date :)

athena said...

LOL, i was just going to mention the camera one too.

Summer said...

You just reminded me my camera batts are low.

Corrie said...

scribbit - lucky!

Athena & Summer - it's the unwritten law of great shots - always have spare batteries

Montserrat said...

Too funny. You didn't find out all these by experience did you?

Am'n2deep said...

Never Say Never.

Unfortunately, I've discovered this to be a true statement on a number of occasions. The good news is, lesson learned!

And by the way, it didn't just rain, it rained mud! I don't believe I've ever seen that happen before. Never say never!

b. said...

I love your wisdom....even if you had to learn the hard way!

Corrie said...

Montse - didn't someone say that experience is the best teacher? (Just a word of advice, if you ever forget & then remember something - go back and get it, you will need it.

Corrie said...

am'n - I have learned the bit about never say never. It doesn't hurt to say 'touch wood' either(for the americans that's knock on wood)

As in Ty's tumor doesn't seem to be growing anymore, touch wood.

Adria said...

Re: the last one

I have found that every time I look at someone and think, "I would never do THAT in her situation," I end up in her situation.

You'd think I'd learn.

Corrie said...

b - thank you, it's seems that's the only way I learn things.

Corrie said...

adria - me too