Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can you spare a square?

Or how about just a smidge of that botox?

Today Ty received his botox injections to help with his tight muscle tone. It's been over a year since the last ones and his arms still have great range of motion.

First, the doctor marks the muscle with an X. Then they swab it the area with alcohol and squirt a little freezy stuff (in the brown bottle).

Next, the injections (4 of them).
I asked the doctor if she'd save just a teeny tiny bit for the perma-crease between my eyes.
No response - just silence.

I asked her if it wasn't even a little bit tempting to administer some cosmetic assistance to an obviously needy mom.
Figures, but it never hurts to ask. Right?


Am'n2deep said...

She couldn't even just humor you with a little sympathy chuckle...maybe just a teency-weency smile? Sheesh!

Elizabeth-W said...

Ditto what deep said. Honestly!
I was just thinking this morning that if I had tons of extra cash I would consider getting that done around my eyes, and I just noticed a new line by my chin--I swear I'm going to look like Elder Holland in about 20 years. Think about the lines running down either side of his mouth down to his chin. Not pretty (on me, I mean).

Corrie said...

She was really sweet and asked about my health (I hadn't seen her in nearly a year & she still remembered)

She actually told me about a kid who has a disorder that causes his eyes to squinch shut & she gets very nervous botoxing around his eyes.