Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cheery fall colors for a sick day

Today my son asked me if I had a headache. I told him, "No dear, I have a faceache."

My head cold hit me full force today, so I put my feet up (in cheery woolen socks I knit myself) on the couch and snuggled under a homemade fall-ish quilt.

You know the feeling - your whole head feels pressurized, as if an elephant is sitting on your face. Your ears crackle with each swallow, and attempting to breathe through your nose is pointless. Each cough or sneeze is felt in your throat as a harsh grating. Is there a little gnome climbing in there with aid of crampons and ice axes?

My voice made an occasional appearance, I kept Kleenex (with lotion) in business single-handedly, and me and menthol cough drops are like "this."

I decided that what this place needs is some color for cheering up. For starters, I give you the socks. They are made from a really cool fair isle sock yarn from Fortissima (I think in 9074). I made matching socks for Kelley some years ago. I mean hers actually matched - mine, however, do not. They are knit from the leftovers; I call them my Pippi socks, and I love them.

A few more cheery things:

Mums in the garden: lovely, cheery, and yellow as the sunshine

The wisteria arbor and the willow trees behind it

The red of a Burning Bush

The brown of the blazing stars gone into their fall rest

The unexpected snow storm today.
We had an inch in 20 minutes and the kids built their first snowman.

And one more shot of yellow. One can never have too much sunshine.

How was your weekend? What cheery things did you see today?


Summer said...

Snow?!? Sheesh!
And I love the socks too!

up in bubbles said...

I also love those socks they are sooooo comfy. Where is the picture of the snowman? Sorry you are sick.

Cocoa said...

The socks are so cool!! Love all the colors you've portrayed here. We actually saw the sun for the first time in several days. That's enough to cheer me up!

Elizabeth-W said...

Sounds like you got worse!! So sorry..That is the absolute worst. I'm allergic to the kleenex with lotion in them. My face breaks out into a horrrrrrible rash.
Those socks are the cutest things. You are such a talented woman. I was telling my parents about all your abilities. Yeah, you pretty much walk on water :)

athena said...

definitely love the socks. love the wallpaper on your blog too.

Adria said...

I'm so sorry you're sick.

I love the socks!!

Corrie said...

Summer - See? Now I want to make socks for all of you, so you can feel their lovely toastiness.

Kell- I had retreated to the couch by then. Next time, I'll snap one.

Corrie said...

cocoa - so glad you got to see the sun

ew - If I were allergic to Kleenex w/lotion, my nose would've dropped off by now. I'm sorry for you - what do you do when you get a cold?

Corrie said...

athena - thank you. I owe it to Cocoa for her excellent tips and links.

adria - I think I'm on the upswing now. I'm supposed to have lunch with a legislator tomorrow, and I still look like a train wreck. But at least my feet look great.