Sunday, October 28, 2007

Adventures in breadmaking

What with all the brown basmati rice (which smells like popcorn) and the from-scratch oatmeal (meaning made with my own salt) - I am getting entirely too much fiber, so I decided to make white bread.

The closest I've come to it is making a wheat bread recipe 1/2 & 1/2. I decided to use a new recipe - mistake number one. I didn't read the whole recipe first - mistake number two. There were not enough directions for me to know what I was doing so I improvised - mistake number three.

All my loaves turned out like wrinkly old men. The insides look lovely and they definitely rose enough, but I needed about 3 more cups of flour than the recipe called for. And the cooking time of 30 mintues was about 15 minutes too short. I baked them longer and they looked wonderful.

Until they cooled, and then their sorry selves looked like this:
Perfect candidates for a "lift and tuck" wouldn't you say?


Am'n2deep said...

OOO, Is it still warm? I'll "lift and tuck" in. How's my Brittish?

Elizabeth-W said...

I buy basmati in big bags. It's the only rice I like, and it DOES smell popcorny. If you can have coconut milk, add some of that to the water when you make it and you will be thrilled with the taste.

Elizabeth-W said...

How about I give up something, like say, ice cream, sort of like Lent? Would that make you feel better? I'd do that for you.

Adria said...

Yum, basmati rice. My favorite! I just bought some tonight. Do you get it at the health food store?

And I add coconut milk too!

Corrie said...

Ok EW and Adria - I just read the label on my coconut can & it looks like it's okay. So, how much do I add?

I'm using the brown basmati - does that matter?

Adria - Macey's carries Basmati, but it's not a very big bag and (excuse my phonetics) buku bucks. Athena, really...I know it's beaucoup :)

Where on earth do you find big bags? I'll just stick some in my freezer.

Corrie said...

Am'n - I ate two slices while it was still warm and spooned my approved strawberry jam on it. Oh, it was good!

athena said...

looks good to me. do you have a bread machine or use bread pans in your oven. love the shape.

Corrie said...

I'm too tech backwards to figure out how to use a bread machine.

I mix up the dough in my Bosch and then plop it into 5 glass loaf pans and bake it the old-fashioned way.

athena said...

sounds good! i just bought me a bread machine. it's ok.

Elizabeth-W said...

I usually cook white, not brown, but I don't think it matters. For 1 cup of rice I do 1 3/4 cup water, or if I'm using the coconut milk I just add 3/4 cup milk, the rest water.
Do it that way the next time you make some kind of curry. You could even add a pinch or two of sugar :)