Monday, August 27, 2007

You've heard of ESP right?

Extra Sensory Perception?

Well, I have a finely tuned sixth sense. Unfortunately, it can't help me pick the winning lotto numbers, but it is a relatively useful 'gift' to have.

Friends, I have ETP: Extra Telephony Perception.

I can tell who's calling me (especially if it's my hubby) without the aid of Caller ID. In fact we're so thrifty we don't even have that feature on our phone. Mom, now you know why we don't have it. There's no need.

This ETP can be a nice ability to have, I can just let the answering machine pick-up if I know it's someone who can wait. I always know when it is the hospital or nurse calling, and I'm about 80% accurate when it is a family member.

I can also "tell" someone to call me. A lot of times I will be thinking of a person and they will call me within 5-10 minutes. I don't will them to call me or anything, I just think about them and wah-bang (as my daughter would say it) they're on the phone.

I also get nudges to call people sometimes and I wonder if it's because they were just thinking of me or needing to hear from a friend.

I have had my out-going ETP nudges fail me though. I was so preoccupied this last year with family health challenges, that I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been and I didn't call a friend who really needed me to. But I'm back (I think), dialing finger at the ready and ETP on full alert.

Alright, everybody share now - what special talents or abilities do you have?


slawebb said...

I have mom nose. I know when my dd needs a diaper change wih in seconds. My husband has anti mom nose. He can't smell it unless it's actually coming out, haha. Of course, in our house the one who smells it usually has to change it so it's not as valuable as ETP. I wish I had that.

I used to be able to "make" things happen, but that was before kids. Mostly they were tv related. I remember once in college I wanted to see the movie "The Wiz." No I'm not that old. I was born in 1974. Anyway, it came on tv a week later. Since I don't watch tv anymore it has become a less valuable power.

b. said...

Isn't that weird? It's eerie when the ring has a certain tone to it.

Summer said...

You know, I have ETP too.
Oh, and I have this sense about church callings. I just know when they are getting ready to extend one to me, or ask me to speak. It's really bizarre.

Corrie said...

slawebb - welcome here. Momnose - I forgot about that. It's very handy for keeping a fresh house.

b. - there's definitely a certain tone to Blaine's ring.

summer - so, do you answer the phone when you feel the speaking assignment coming?

david mcmahon said...

Hi Corrie,

Moms know everything - believe me. Ask B - she'll tell you.

Then again, because of ESP, you both KNEW that I'd say that!

Keep smiling


Elizabeth-W said...

I always know when it's my sister, but as I think about it logically, it has more to do with time of day than anything.
I never answer the phone on Sunday AM b/c I'm paranoid, and I don't have caller ID. :)

Summer said...

Corrie- Indeed I do
(I like speaking, I'm weird, I know)

athena said...

that is certainly a wonderful gift to have. i think my gift is being able to love unconditionally those who have made very wrong choices. now if only i could be happy about the wrong choices my children make. :)

Montserrat said...

I dream about things before they happen with pretty good detail. Only events that for one reason or another will have a dramatic impact on our lives. My husband doesn't want me to tell him any more dreams that involve death however. I wonder why. . . .it really did help when our neighbor died several years ago.

Corrie said...

D - yes I did know that

EW - I suppose Blaine's call is based on the time of day too

Athena - I like your gift better, it's more useful

Montse - no way! I think it would prepare you for those big things in life. The only thing I have that is remotely similar is in high school I used to have a dream the night before my 'cycle' started. Sorry, tmi.