Friday, August 10, 2007

Flashback Friday: Am I being paranoid?

Nope, I've had three other people notice that Ty's tumor seems to be getting larger again. It's such a gradual process and I'm with him everyday that sometimes I think I'm imagining things.

I wonder if it has anything to do with all the sitting he's been doing lately (2-3 hours a day may not seem like much, but relatively speaking..)

It measures 16x17cm, that's a 3 cm increase. You can bet I'm keeping a close watch.

Surgery may be in the cards after all. Crappit! (or damnation - which I ripped off from Montserrat's hubby and think is quite fitting in this case).

This photo is from Cristmas morning, 2005 - just nine months before the bottom dropped out and everything got stood on it's head.

I'm considering posting a picture of Ty's tumor, but I don't want to make anyone queasy. It is basically the size of a very thick pancake (completely under the skin) with a 5-inch surgery scar on it.

What do you think? None of this makes my skin crawl, but maybe I'm just used to it.


athena said...

damnation to all tumors, ouches and buggeritises!! i made up that last word. but no seriously, i don't know whether to cry or to cry.

Lei said...

I just love this song... I am playing it for a wedding tomorrow night. :)

I hope he'll be okay! I can't imagine how scary it must be always wating for the other shoe to drop.

Elizabeth-W said...

I have zero queasiness. But that's just me.
3 cm seems small, or it can seem HUGE!
I'm so sorry.

Corrie said...

Athena - me either.

Lei - I was hoping we were putting this behind us. You can play this song? (piano, guitar, uke?)Also, I really love your b&w picture.

Thanks girls.

Corrie said...

I guess 3cm feels huge because of the short time. We are now post chemo about 8 weeks (give or take) and since his hair has been growing back - I've noticed the tumor growing once again too.

Rats! Rats! Double stinkin' rats!

b. said...

I'm hoping for good news for you.
You could email me a before and after....if you decide not to post it.

Montserrat said...

D*mnation! I can't imagine what it's like waiting and not knowing either. Here's hoping for the best with fingers and toes crossed.

The Burr Family said...

Can't he catch a break? I am so sorry. I hope so much that you get good news! Give Tyler our love and, as always, is in our prayers.
So on a lighter note thanks so much for letting us invade your pool it was so nice and the perfect temp! Randy keeps telling me how he can't believe how big Ty is now. He's HUGE! Thanks again good luck on Tuesday.