Monday, July 30, 2007

We have been what you call Prolific

Ty's latest project from the Sensory Garden:

A picture of R's hair (as requested by Grandma Tree). This is the day after a haircut, believe it or not.

Lastly, here is a finished project that I can now cross off my list. I haven't a thing like it anywhere in my house - any suggestions for what to do with it? I think I like the back as well as the front. If you look closely, you can see quilting that my friend Wendy did.


Montserrat said...

The quilt is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!. . . and so is Russell! :D

Lisa M. said...


I'll buy it!!!!

absolutely PERFECT!

Loved the post!

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm completely intimidated. That is amazing. When do you find the time?!
It is beautiful, by the way.

NZGibbonsBLOG said...

Russ looks so much older! Are you planning on teaching him this fall or will he go back to school?

Love the Rotorua shot! I think it looks like a lion too. We haven't taken the kids to Rotorua yet, we're saving it for when my parents come out in November.

I had so much fun reading about your courtship and marriage. I was surprised how much I didn't know, even though I watched it all happen. I remember being with you at Grandma B's and you were meticulously shaving your legs because Blaine was picking you for your second date. The rest, they say, is history.

athena said...

i really love your patchwork quilts. do you have a machine similar to montse's? your patterns are well placed and attractive.

Corrie said...

Montse - thank you & Russ is blushing now.

Lisa - very sweet of you, SOLD!
Actually, I'd love to make you a quilt (just get the fabric to me).

EW - I've actually had this quilt in my closet for as long as Gracie has been around. It just needed borders and quilting, but when I pieced it I did one block per month. So nice to get this finished.

N - hmmm, I'm not quite so meticulous these days. Russ is studying at home with me and the girls. We are starting with a unit on dogs. It's very high on the fun factor, but I'm being sneaky with it. (cramming all sorts of useful stuff in there).

A- I'm not sure what machine Montse has. Mine is just a plain jane vanilla Bernina. Also, I used a pattern for this, but I will post a quilt that I did design later.

The Burr Family said...

Corrie as allways, cute quilt! You have an amazing eye for color! I think the colors are so pretty bright and cheerful! Awesome Job