Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ty's Tuesday Music Picks

First, a little sun for the lovely New Zealand people.... from the Sensory Garden

Just a reminder, to watch these videos, you'll first want to scroll down (to the very bottom of the blog) and put my lovely music player on pause then come back up and click to play the vids.

Ty's hair has started falling out. Again. Rats! It may be time to get the lint roller out...

It really does work great to get the stubble off before it ends up in his ears, mouth, eyes, you name it. I just wonder what he thinks when he hears the tape - shhhwick and feels the tape - brrraaap rolling across his scalp.

We sure are gonna have some great conversations one day.

Back to the music vids, here's the second installment of OKGO. I think the reason they appeal to me so much is the dancing (and the guy in the white shoes somehow reminds me of my cousin). I think it's his panache and extreme lack of self consciousness, plus my 'cuz starred in his own friend's movie.

Now, do all my many other cousins know to whom I am referring? If you're reading this, I'm sure you know who you are (remember that whole 'fainting thing' in Grandma's basement? Ahhhh, we had some great times Rambo).

Next up is Life In One Day by Howard Jones
Ignore the poor video and sound, I really did know a guy in High School with hair like that and clothes like that. Hmmm...It must've been the 80s. Like, totally gag me with a spoon.

Some Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken salad. Yum - for grown ups!
If you've made it to the bottom here, let me share some more fun with pictures:
You're telling me we're outta 'hot'? (oatmeal)

Oh no!
Do you really think I'm gonna fall for that one again?

See, I knew we had some. Yum!


Montserrat said...

I lived in Miami, Florida during the 80's and I still remember seeing men on the beach in their speedos with hair like that. Yucko!

What a cute series of shots of your little one. Love the second photo.

Elizabeth-W said...

Outa hot??
that is the cutest thing ever! where does it come from? hot cereal vs cold cereal or what? :)
Okay, I'm desperate to know how much older I am than you. I'm 38.

Corrie said...

Montse - thanks, and that is one scary visual you just gave me.

EW - 'hot' comes from us telling her she had to wait because the oatmeal was hot. Now if we ask her if she wants oatmeal, she does a dance and says wan hot (it is way cute - sheesh, I can't stop talking like I'm 12). I answered the age ? at your bloghouse.