Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ty's Tuesday Music Picks and a laugh

First, a family favorite -

Me and Julio

He likes this one, too - 500 Miles

A little Rhapsody in Blue - this was his favorite for years, especially when a good sub-woofer was on.

Just watch the first two. Doesn't the first remind you of Meg Ryan? The second one just cracks me up. Ohhh, I needed that.
The third one is just silly and the last one is painful to watch. Take my word for it, just the first two. You didn't watch the whole thing did you?


Montserrat said...

Those were good. Especially the last one. Some people sure do have funny laughs! (Yes, I did watch the whole thing!)

Elizabeth-W said...

I, too, watched the whole thing. Poor lady.
I haven't seen Benny in ages. I may need to put that on my netflix.

Corrie said...

I know Benny & Joon wasn't exactly fine cinema, but I enjoy Johnny Depp in any form.

His Buster keaton impression was pretty good. And - I know someone who looks like Joon.

Our Peculiar Life said...

everyone needs a little rhapsody in blue and I love 500 miles. That last video was silly!

Anonymous said...

I loved Benny and Joon! I won't show it for outdoor movie night in case it keeps the neighbors up:)

athena said...

oh they were all great! i just love watching tv bloopers too. i remember watching the aussie one (the last girl in the last video). i love the song 500 miles (and johnny depp too!).