Saturday, June 9, 2007

The latest

I received two doctor phone calls early this morning. The Tumor Board and Ty's oncologist at the children's hospital have been discussing the situation with desmoid oncologists at MD Anderson.

Together, they have come up with a plan for 2 more chemo cycles of the drugs he had just been using. It should still be safe for his heart, but they'll do echos each time to be sure.

We also found out about another chemo treament that is being used successfully in sarcoma patients and has worked for desmoids too. It requires 3-5 days inpatient as well. I am going to get all the details I can and RESEARCH, because that's what I do. I can't help it, I'm a driven research/PubMed-aholic. At least when it comes to my family - must. know. everything. (I really do know it's not possible to know everything, but still...)

GOOD News - Remember the cracked hot tub with the fancy jetpaks and the broken switches? That lemon is no more. The hot tub guys brought a brand, spanking new one today and swapped it out. It has some updated items, but is generally the same one. They set it up and hauled away the other piece of falling apart-ness. Yea!

Done today:
New hot tub
Raked and weeded the north aspen corner to the patio
Planted garden (Grape tomatoes, Sandwich tomatoes, watermelon, cantelope, cucumbers and zucchini).
Planted front island (Salvia, vinca, carnations, delphinium, pincushion flower, spireas)
Went on a date (3 weekends in a row, unheard of & yet greatly appreciated) & saw a movie


Our Peculiar Life said...

did you truly publish this at 3:17am? Good thing going to bed early was put on hold. ;-) Praying for the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom concerning Tyler's treatment!

Penless Thoughts said...

Linked to you from Kahri's blog after reading your comment about the big garden you'd have!!!! I loved that :o)