Monday, June 11, 2007

Au naturale.....Monday miracles

I sometimes wonder if my days and nights will always be filled with clean-ups of bodily fluids. Maybe most moms wonder this, tell me I'm not alone in my midnight laundry and bathing forays.

Ellie must be allergic to the new antibiotic she's on - she threw up last night. I bathed her at 2:30, changed her sheets, and tucked her back in bed.

The next adventure needs a little background: the oncologist believes that Ty's nausea is related to stomach acid production during the night. He's usually nauseous first thing in the morning. We tried hooking him up to a feeding pump during the night in an effort to keep something in his stomach. It didn't work. He threw up again this morning (entailing a major cleanup, sorry TMI). I guess we'll be starting him on Prevacid. Sigh......

After getting him situated, I checked on Ellie again. I happened to catch her mid-spew and ran her into the bathroom. She had been very tidy in her sickness and left deposits in different spots on the blankets - she had escaped any collateral damage. Thank goodness for small miracles!

I changed her sheets again and tucked her in hoping for a bit more sleep myself but I heard her talking in there. Wow! the smell in her room nearly knocked me over. I placed her on the changing table, took off her jammie bottoms and huh?

No diaper! No poop! I wiped her up, put on a fresh one and found her messy diaper in her bed. She had taken it off, put her pants back on, and was only slightly the worse-for-wear. Another small miracle! I wonder how many more small miracle and sets of sheets today will bring?


Lei said...

Some days are just crappy... almost entirely in the literal sense!

Hang in there and good luck figuring out what is going on with your handsome little man. :)

Scribbit said...

I'm impressed with your gratitude for the "small miracles." With a night like that you'd be justified in overlooking it.

When my kids are sick they're always so grateful when I clean them up and tuck them back in bed I almost don't mind having to do it.

Montserrat said...

You really are a saint to see the silver lining in each situation. Hope your day is better today!

athena said...

no you're not alone. although my kids have no excuse because they're not sick while making their messes! :)