Monday, May 14, 2007

Labs and fishies

New labs, as of this morning:

WBC 8.1
ANC 6.8
Hematocrit 24.9
Platelets 167

If you're not sure what these mean, look here

His body temperature was a nice, normal 98.6 until about 4:30 pm and then it went back up and stayed at 101.3

Because his ANC looks so good and his Rocephan shot was at 2:30 am, the docs said it would be fine to wait until tomorrow for him to come in. Unless of course, his fever spikes higher, he chills or develops new symptoms.

He is still very restless and it's obvious that something's bothering him, we're just not certain what it is.

I think to cut the tension we're feeling, I'll periodically insert an Ellie story. Starting now.

It's so funny how toddlers generalize things. All women are called mama, but I'm called mommy. All men are called Daddy. All tall four-legged animals are Tows (cows) and all smaller four-legged animals are called Puppies. But my favorite one is that all birds are called Fishies. To understand this, you have to know that Sierra just bought a blue Betta fish. It has long, flowing fins and I guess they kind of look like wings to Ellie.

Whenever she sees birds flying, she says, "Oooo fishies."


athena said...

i can't even imagine what your family must be going through but i admire you immensely. i don't know if i'll ever understand all the medical terminology either, but i have to admit your posts give me perspective.

Corrie said...

Thank you.

I have found that even the doctors haven't got a grasp on all of it either.;)

athena said...


Adria said...

She's such a cutie.